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5 Years Married

5 years ago we said I do, though we’ve been together nearly a decade now. Maybe it’s silly to write something of acknowledgement every year, but I think our journey is one worth honoring and recognizing.

Our relationship hasn’t always been easy. We have been dealt some of life’s more difficult hands, and at times it has tested our strength both individually, and as a unit. We’ve had our fair share of relationship and marital struggle. Even so, the important part is that the cracks and chips of our differences, are filled and bonded by our ability to grow through them.

Love is not effortless, but we keep trying, reflecting, building, healing, and learning. Even when we are driving each other nuts, even when we cannot stand to be around each other, even when we hate each other, we not only love each other, we help the other love themself.

Thank you Justin, for continuing to enrich my world, for being unapologetically yourself, for allowing me to do the same, and for always eating the pineapple off my pizza.

“The house don’t fall when the bones are good.”

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