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Phoenix: 3 Weeks Post-op

It’s now three weeks post op, and Phoenix Iris is a different little girl. She’s sleeping through the night, waking well rested, eating more, and has had ZERO episodes of seizure activity or breathing spells.

One thing we hadn’t anticipated, was that her vocabulary would grow by leaps and bounds. She’s suddenly speaking in sentences and saying words we had no idea she even knew. Prior to her surgery, she spoke only a handful of words. We were completely unaware that her hearing was so affected by her adenoids, nor that the sleep deprivation caused by her apnea was leaving her with such brain fog that it was impairing her ability to communicate.

We also never truly realized she was actually in pain before all of this. Her having been minimally verbal and unable to communicate it to us, kept us from realizing the battle she was fighting under the surface. I can see now, that each breath, every swallow, must’ve been so painful for her.

My heart is a bit achy at times, knowing how long she struggled, but I am so thankful that she’s making such progress.

Her eyes tell anyone who’s looking, that her entire world is changed. I can’t even begin to explain what it feels like to know that our continued efforts to get her the help she needed, resulted in such a momentous and positive change to her quality of life.

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