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Phoenix: 2 Months Post-op

It’s been 2 months since Phoenix’s surgery, and she’s made incredible improvement! She finally has an appetite, which has allowed her to gain a few pounds and catch up to the desired weight her doctors had set.

While a bit slower of a process, her sleep is continuing to change for the better. She is currently only waking once or twice a night, and doesn’t appear to have anymore apnea issues. She’s had no seizure activity AT ALL since JUNE.

Her advancement with speech has been such an emotional thing to witness. Every time she speaks a new word or puts a sentence together, we clap for her and our eyes well up with such joyful tears. We no longer have to consider speech therapies or interventions.

I cannot express how wonderful it is to watch her finally blossom and be able to fully enjoy the world around her. While it’s been an adjustment not having her need so much extra care, her newfound independence is so beautiful, and we are doing our best to learn how to honor it.

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