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Comparison may be the thief of joy, but it’s still normal.

I have a confession to make. Lately, through the muck of struggle in being a mother of 3, a new and probably largely unqualified homeschool teacher, a work from home-r, and a mediocre “influencer”, the deep rooted and creeping feelings of insignificance and unworthiness have become more of a roar inside me.

I struggle with comparison. I see the homes, lifestyles, appearances, and follower counts of other moms on social media and I look at my own as if I could never measure up. Pinterest quotes abound reminding us that everyone has “messy” parts of their lives, and we only see what people want us to see. But, it can be hard not to feel as if even the messiness in someone else’s life, even the stuff we don’t see, may still be prettier, tidier, simpler, easier, than the good parts of ours.

It’s been difficult for me to traverse the grief of losing a child, and the multitude of battles life has placed in front of me since, and not wonder “why me?”, “Why us?”. I think people in general often teeter on the balancing beam of “I’m thankful for what I have” and “Why is it so much easier for them?”, especially mothers.

The constant of visual perfection as we scroll social media can become so daunting that it manifests almost as disgust towards ourselves. These are normal feelings and emotions. This is a NORMAL thought process. It is human nature to compare, we ALL DO IT.

This is me telling you, I don’t have it all together either. I hardly ever look put together, I’m just as stressed, I have just as much laundry piled up, I yell just as much, there’s just as many macaroni nights at my house, and my kids probably have too much screen time. But I’m doing the best I can right now, and I want you to recognize that you probably are too.

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