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6 Weeks Post-op

It’s been 6 weeks since my hysterectomy with POP repair and perineal reconstruction. The initial few weeks were absolute hell and I questioned constantly, why I put myself through it. The pain was absolutely unreal, and I was in no way prepared for its intensity. I’m finally out of the worst of it and have been feeling a bit better with each passing day. My external incisions are completely healed and only left tiny sprinkle sized scars. My anemia symptoms are just about gone thankfully. I do still have some pressure and occasional pain, and cannot be on my feet too long, but I no longer feel like I was hit by a train. I have been having some random bouts of nausea and dizziness, along with persistent headaches, but these were explained to me as possible symptoms while my body recovers from such a major surgery.

Yesterday I had my 6 week check with my surgeon. There were several areas of granulation tissue that had developed, which he needed to cauterize, one that he said was rather large and could persist. He said it’ll need to be checked again, and possibly removed and biopsied (biopsy is just protocol). Also, most of my sutures haven’t dissolved at all. He said that it’s not uncommon for these kind of sutures to take 2-4 months to completely dissolve, and until they do, I can’t be completely cleared due to risk of scar/incision rupture.

I was really hoping to be cleared for normal activity, but unfortunately I wasn’t because of these complications, and I now have another 6 weeks of recovery ahead of me.

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