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ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dysgraphia

This has been heavy on my mama heart, bear with me.

Over the past year we noticed Rowan was struggling with reading/writing/literacy in our homeschool process. It seemed like no matter what we tried, he was not retaining. We made the extremely hard choice to send him back to school in person this year, because we knew he needed it so badly. We questioned whether to have him repeat first grade, but he excels in other subjects/studies (ie:science, math, art, etc). Ultimately we decided most kids were probably behind in some aspect, so we put him in second grade.

He was placed in Title 1 for reading. While it’s too soon to see much of a result from the program yet, as more of his completed school work came home, it was clear that something more than simply “needing a bit of help to catch up” was going on. Rowan is our oldest child, he IS our baseline, so initially it was difficult to know whether things were truly a concern or “normal kid stuff”.

At 8 years old, Rowan’s writing appears almost as if it’s a language of his own entirely. He has much difficulty sounding out words. He knows all of his letters, and the sounds they make, but he cannot seem to put them together. He also rarely writes a word the same twice. He is not even meeting kindergarten level for reading/literacy, and he WENT to in person school for kinder.

He is unable to sit still, at home and at school. He can’t keep his hands to himself, and cannot refrain from talking/interrupting. He is constantly making noises with his mouth, and his speech is somewhat impeded with certain word/letter sounds (like th, sh).

This month he was evaluated and diagnosed with moderate to severe ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dysgraphia. We began the process for his IEP, and he just started ADHD meds. He is also being evaluated for speech therapy and occupational therapy.

My heart has really been hurting over this. I honor his uniqueness, but nobody wants their babies to struggle. Rowan is a tender, joyous soul. He is so smart and so very cognizant of the world around him. It is my hope that with intervention and assistance our boy can flourish with his learning disabilities, not in spite of them.

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  1. I’ve been touched by your page. Thanks for sharing your experience. Sorry to hear Rowan is struggling. It’s great that you are moving forward with trying to get him services through the school. If you are able to find someone and swing it, working 1:1 with a teacher trained in Orton-Gillingham can be life changing. The ideal standard is 2 hours per week, 1:1. Many Masonic Centers across the country offer it for free as part of teacher training programs, although there can be a long waitlist… It’s called the Children’s Dyslexia Center if you’re lucky enough to have one by you. This is a great video explaining a bit more about dyslexia.


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