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Sloan’s Crib

Vallie has been ready to transition from her crib to toddler bed, but her beautiful birch crib was just not very sturdy without the side rail, so I kept putting it off. Yesterday Justin got Sloan’s crib out of my parents attic. His crib is sturdier when converted to toddler bed, and we decided to have Vallie use it. It has sat in that attic collecting dust for 5 years, and using it for Valorie now feels right.

I never told the girls we’d be using Sloan’s, just that Vallie was getting a “big girl” bed. As I put it together, Phoenix walked up to me and said “You’re putting Sloan’s crib together mama?” Justin and I both just sat there shocked. She’s never seen his crib, she didn’t know it was his, yet, she knew it was his. I asked her how she knew it was his and she said “I dunno, it is.”

It was the first time either of us had seen that crib in person since his death, and Phoenix unknowingly gave us Sloan’s okay.

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