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The IEP process continues

The school psychologist called yesterday to let me know that Rowan’s IEP evaluations are complete. While we have our official “results” meeting on the 28th, he said he wanted to touch base to see if I’d like to hear what his recommendations are, and some of his thoughts about Ro.

He agreed with the diagnosis’ of ADHD, Dyslexia, and dysgraphia we’d been given, so he is recommending the IEP for ADHD, reading and writing. He does not believe Ro needs speech therapy or occupational therapy, saying that his phonemic awareness will improve as he continues to further his reading skills.

He said “I’ve been doing this for a very long time and I have to tell you, I have never met a kid as cool as yours. He is an absolute joy. He is just such a cool kid, I really enjoy spending time with him.” (This is where I started to cry)

We talked about our loss of Sloan because it’s an integral part of Rowan’s story, who he is, and how he processes things, plus Rowan brought it up to him. He said “I’ll tell you this. He is so well able to articulate his feelings, he is very aware of the feelings of those around him, and he has a very impressive ability to balance both. This is a testament to you as parents, most children are sheltered from the grieving process, they don’t get a window into seeing their parents grieve or process emotions in traumatic situations, and boys especially are not taught that expressing emotions is okay. It’s obvious he is growing up in a home that lets him be who he is, and sees you being who you are. You should be proud” (more tears)

The process of Rowan’s diagnosis and working to get this IEP in place has been emotional, and I won’t pretend that I haven’t grieved the educational life I imagined for my baby. Knowing your child will be in the special education system is tough, you worry about bullying, about fitting in, about self esteem, about them being understood, etc etc. But hearing someone say such beautiful things about my child, is all the reassurance I need to know that our boy is okay, he has the right people in his corner, and he will flourish.

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