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Category: Life & Marriage

The Salt of the Earth

My parents made the decision 3 decades ago to create life together and they’ve nurtured, loved, and supported those lives unconditionally every day since. Regardless of their own well being, their own struggles, their own traumas, their own wants, desires, … Continue Reading The Salt of the Earth

This Year

This year. How incredibly impactful those two words are together. This year held an entire world and lifetime of experience, of lessons, of of ache, of sadness, and of resilience. I’ve been forced to survive what I thought I couldn’t. … Continue Reading This Year


Holidays are difficult, but not this one. Thanksgiving is about thankfulness, love, comfort, gratitude, blessings, family. All of these things, in abundance. Our tragedy has not jaded us. We have not let it taint our ability to feel and nourish … Continue Reading Thankful


Justin and I have been together a little more than 6 years, married for 2 next week. We’ve experienced more heartache and trauma as a couple in the past three weeks than ever before. But we’re still here, and we’re … Continue Reading Home