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Category: Parenting


The past few days have been quite a rollercoaster for us. The girls were both sick with what was initially … Continue Reading RSV


Today, he is one year older. Six years ago he came into this world having saved both of us from … Continue Reading Six

Eating Happy

I’m not the Instagram mom who is cutting fun shapes out of vegetables, banning all junk, and making sure they get every essential vitamin out of each food pyramid item. My kids eat what they like, when they’d like, with … Continue Reading Eating Happy

Mothers Day

It’s late, the room is dark and the hum of the cool air from the vent mixes with the sound of sleeping breaths. She was upset by something tonight, refusing to sleep alone, she needed to be in her mamas … Continue Reading Mothers Day

Behind the Name

I grew up hearing James Taylor songs on my parents stereo, and I’d always latched on to one song in particular, “Fire and Rain”. It has its own meanings for its author, but for me it signifies both the depths … Continue Reading Behind the Name