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Category: Parenting


The meaning behind Sloan’s name: We chose Sloan for a baby before him, who we lost at 8 weeks gestation. … Continue Reading Sloan


Finally, we step to the light. Our rainbow baby is due this December! It’s taken so much to get here-losses, tests, fertility meds and what felt like an eternity. To hear the doctor say “everything looks great!” this week was … Continue Reading Rainbow

2 Years Old

Two years ago, early on an August morning after 13 hours…they placed you in my arms. 6lbs, 8oz, 3 weeks early. You had your daddy’s red hair and my nose. You were everything I was told my body could never … Continue Reading 2 Years Old

On a day that two friends welcomed new blessings into this world, I also read about one who recently had to say goodbye and let her blessing leave this earth. I am a mother. That sweet beautiful boy is my … Continue Reading