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Category: Pregnancy After Loss


Hello November! I’ve taken some time away from writing and posting lately. Life has been busy as we’ve settled into Rowan being in school, Phoenix turning into a little person instead of a baby, and ALL of us preparing for … Continue Reading November

July 1

Three years ago today, we stood in a field at an old dairy farm, having our gender reveal photos taken. I was 17 weeks pregnant with Sloan. We would go on to share our announcement photos two days later, on … Continue Reading July 1

Third Trimester

It is crazy to think that in only 13 (or less) weeks, we will welcome newborn Phoenix. Only 11 months after Sloan left this earth, his sister will arrive. In so many ways I’m incredibly ready to smell that scent, … Continue Reading Third Trimester

As it Was Meant

Last week our friend Amethyst reached out and offered to do a reading for us to check in with Phoenix. I was thrilled with this, as I have always found inspiration and strength in viewing Amethyst’s life journey. She is … Continue Reading As it Was Meant

Carrying On

Sloan’s birthday is fast approaching so I’ve been very introspective as of late. I am also very near to starting my second trimester with this pregnancy. I had a rough few weeks adjusting to and accepting this new development in … Continue Reading Carrying On