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Merry Griefmas

To other mamas with a stocking hanging from the mantle, that won’t be emptied by tiny hands tomorrow. I see you. As we usher in this holiday without our babies, some of us who’ve done this before, and some for … Continue Reading Merry Griefmas


The first man I ever loved. The man who fixed my hair when I decided to cut bangs while mom … Continue Reading Dad


Every room of our home has a dragonfly or elephant in it. Most of you know why the dragonflies. But If you’ve wondered why elephants, here it is. Posted by one of the girls in the handmade community (originally by … Continue Reading Elephants


When I started building my own brand nearly 4 years ago I had no idea how involved I would get in the handmade world. I didn’t know that some of my dearest friendships would come from this community of brand … Continue Reading Handmade