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Sloan’s Light

#sloanslight It is the 4th of July. What was formerly my favorite holiday is now simply “the day after”. How does the world keep spinning on, when it feels as if it has come crashing down. Sleep has not yet … Continue Reading Sloan’s Light

24 Hours Ago

24 hours ago right now our lives changed forever. We have not let Ro out of our site for even a moment. I cling to him as if my own life depends on it now. The hands, and people who … Continue Reading 24 Hours Ago

Our Clomid Baby

Finally, we step to the light. Our rainbow baby is due this December! It’s taken so much to get here-losses, tests, fertility meds and what felt like an eternity. To hear the doctor say “everything looks great!” this week was … Continue Reading Our Clomid Baby

Pelvic Ultrasound

The Clomid journey has begun! 32oz of water in 45 minutes=pelvic ultrasound time! Ultrasound was this morning, amazingly results were done right away. I just spoke with my Dr and my right ovary has a 12.56ml volume while my left … Continue Reading Pelvic Ultrasound